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Poetry Mutual began with a few conversations over dinner. These conversations in turn grew out of an experimental community reading series in a neighborhood of Washington, DC. That series was an attempt to curate monthly programs that featured both new poetry by contemporary poets and a celebration of the long and rich world of poetry by way of thematic group readings of the work of other poets. These thematic readings allowed our audiences to experience the work of hundreds of poets -- some known, some long forgotten. It also allowed all involved to expand their knowledge of the wide-range of poetry -- a continuing education of the possible. As this novel experiment grew, we came into contact with a wider audience and with a number of fine poets. Many of these poets had work but had been out of print for a period. We were baffled by this state of affairs and thought -- "Why don't we publish them?" This led to a series of books published under the VRZHU Press imprint -- now Poetry Mutual Press.

Along the way we had the opportunity to host a series of events that celebrated poets and poetry and this built greater community among poets and audiences.

We have continued as we have been led by joy and amazement. And serious fun. We try to keep things as simple as possible and to maintain the joy in things. We hope you enjoy our efforts and hope it inspires you to take part or to do programming of your own. It can be great fun!

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The Poetry Mutual StoryOur ProgramsOur BooksThe Poetry Mutual BlogContact & Mailing Lists