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The Coquetelón: A Toast to Pablo Neruda

It began with a local poet who travelled to Chile on a pilgrimage and visited the three homes of Pablo Neruda. While visiting Neruda's home in Valparaiso, she saw written above his bar, a recipe for something called "Coquetelon." Fortunately for us, she wrote it down.

Back in Washington, she shared the story and the recipe with us and we knew we had to do something with it. We had to lift a glass with Pablo's favorite drink and toast the great Chilean poet here in Washington. But where and when to do it? After thinking it over we decided to perform the toast in commemoration of his visit to the Library of Congress in June of 1966. We wanted to invite poets to come and share his words and toast his life in an outdoor setting. So we chose the beautiful bust of Pablo Neruda in the Writers Garden adjoining the Organization of American States building off the National Mall. It's located in a shaded garden south of the building alongside sculptures of other Latin American writers

So each year we go and lift a glass to the great poet. We read his words and celebrate the life of the great poet of the Americas.

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