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Poems By Kim Roberts


 "If the reasoning of poetry is to create or recreate human emotion and to indicate what we might call universal truth, then Kim Roberts in this book, her fourth book of poetry, accomplishes a small and succinct triumph."
Kevin McGrath, Polar Research



“Fortune’s Favor,” the ironic title of Kim Robert’s fine recreation of Scott’s second expedition to Antarctica, is perfect for the book’s combination of high courage and terrible luck. Though we may know the story, its retelling in disciplined, beautifully descriptive verse brings it to startling life. Linda Pastan

“The sea stood up and soon we found/ourselves in steady plunge.” Thus speaks Robert Falcon Scott, arctic explorer in “Stormy Seas,” which opens Kim Roberts’ arresting sequence of poems—compressed epic that chronicles an expedition to the South Pole. And “plunge” is apt—immediately I found myself immersed in the macro (“Thoughout the winter, ice sheets move and twist,/they tear apart and press up into ridges”) and the micro (“He couldn’t walk, a wild look in his eyes.”) elements of this renown story, both ill-fated and moving, in which five men, tight-knit (“It’s quite impossible to speak too well/of my companions”), push forward on a journey that tests the limits of human endeavor. Francisco Aragón

Roberts has uncovered the poetic beauty of the 'stiff upper lip' resolve found in the journals of polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott. The story of his tragic second expedition to the South Pole has seldom been told with such formal control, flashes of color, and suspense. Reginald Harris



About Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts is the editor of the journal Beltway Poetry Quarterly and the anthology Full Moon on K Street: Poems About Washington, DC. She has published poems in journals throughout the US, as well as in Israel, Canada, Ireland, France, Brazil, India and New Zealand. Roberts is a literary historian who has done extensive research on writers with ties to her home town of Washington, DC. She is the co-curator of the web exhibit DC Writers’ Homes, and has developed a series of literary walking tours focused on such DC writers as Walt Whitman, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Henry Adams, Zora Neale Hurston, and Langston Hughes. Roberts is the recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the DC Commission on the Arts, and the Humanities Council of Washington. She has been a writer-in-residence at 14 artist colonies.
Fortune’s Favor is her fourth book of poems.

For more information on Kim Roberts visit www.KimRoberts.org.

Kim Roberts's The Kimnama!

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Photo credit: Dan Vera.

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