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Praise for More Than Anything

Ethan Fischer , Montserrat Review
...takes wing with a felicity of words for fits of fancy. This poet’s deceptive simplicity and wit limn the ambiguous nature of loving person or place. “All I want is a smeary sense,” jokes Larew. But his limpid lines do not limp and soon they up and leap: “I’ve been you forever”--- This could be Rumi’s loving scalpel, but it’s Hiram Larew seeking the spiritual funny bone.

Ed Mycue
Hiram Larew's More Than Anything is a strong gathering of rich and fully caring American poems. He is in the American grain with Emerson and Longfellow arching into and beyond the hiphop age as if that old lapland song Longfellow wrote of is ever beating with the thoughts of youth that are long, long thoughts. They are about will, hope, clarity, honor, rollicking good humor and peril.

In "Shudder," the speaking voice says 'Tell me something so honest it's bald..../I can't help the never ending..../There will come a time..../In an emergency or hoping..../There's no maybe about it--/I'll never grow up/So throw me a match.'

This is only the poet's second book, but make no mistake about it: he is a matured talent and full on the captain's deck of the good ship tomorrow of coming literary honors and recognition.

Oregon Stater

"'quirky, engaging and sneakily profound."

Michael Wurster, Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange
"It's poetry, all right! [Larew] takes the language
we think we know and reinvents it."

Kathi Wolfe, Washington Blade
Life is filled with tragedy and comedy, as well as secrets and evasion, yet only an exceptionally skilled poet can blend playfulness with profundity. Hiram Larew...is such a poet. More Than Anything is brimming with word play, intelligence, feeling and (seeming) contradictions...Reading Larew is like eavesdropping on Emerson having a beer with Frank O’Hara...

Capturing meaning in Larew’s work, at times, feels like lassoing a moonbeam, and since there’s no need to look for literal or linear logic in poetry, this isn’t a bad thing.
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Reviews for More Than Anything

UU World Magazine
Fall 2007

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Sept 2007 issue


About Hiram Larew
Hiram Larew‘s work has appeared in several journals and books including the washington review, Rhino, Rue Bella, The Cosmos Club Journal, Frantic Egg, Not Just Air, and Echoes. Nominated for a 2006 Pushcart Prize, his poems have been recognized for awards by, among others, Louisiana Literature, Verve, the Allen Ginsberg Awards, and S. S. Calliope.

As an advocate for the diversity of poetic voices, he has read widely across the U.S., and assembled this collection while at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

As the co-founder of the The Poet Connection, Larew lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and directs international farming programs for the U.S. government.

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